And there was she, walking in the crowd with eyes which stared the sky above unware of the warmth which the sunset gave behind.

Her childhood hid and her fears gave her a hit. Little did she know the darker sky she praised killed her raise and the bee's she dint wanted to miss were the ones who could make her bliss.

Afraid to touch her own painted landscapes as she believed they've become poison ivy.
She shouted *I hate You* and still stole its drops of rain.

 The faded trials to hear the murmures of calls, made her deaf where the vanity of the world made her feel never to wake.

Growing up in insanity, Studying the flawed promises; she wrote up a charming tale which thou never read.

The ink left was ought to dry and to curve up smiles was fashioned to try.
She Locked the doors but still kept the windows wide to stare the same darker sky till the twinkles started to hide.

She wanted the universe and not the star,
But in the never ending stroms she barely found alive a flower.

She held the hands of the thunder and calmed it down and slide the grip away when it made her one.

She was eyed by the world who was unaware of her dark just as she was unaware of the spark. 💫


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