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   Entering this blogging world with soo many new thoughts..!! Bt at the same time, had so many questions coming up!!  Will people love reading me? Would it be fun? Should I blog or not? Shall i b formal or go my way being informal?? Ohh gosh... 

     Bt finally I started it..being guided by that pretty girl!! 
    Sitting in my gallery with a mug of cafe coffee i thought to explore myself and pen down all the things that came up my mind.. 
-Those that rhyme to the sign;
-Things i call mine, to the thought if being addicted to wine;
-Me being classy to sassy;
-Things of world..some attracting n some distracting... 
Writing many more like these I ended up with something very new.!! And so did came up this article.. 

   I believe, being too formal wouldn't work and i may not reach people with perfect combination of words and fail to bring out those experience and emotions my article is trying to deliver!! 
      Toh kyu na shuru ho jae hum apne style mein n app tak pohchae woh sabhi baatein, sawal-jawab, ummide aur gehrai jo hamara article apse kehna chahta hai..!!
    A few going  personal,few full of experiences, some with fun, depth, some making you think alot,some going a bit emotional n senti, a few girly and and ones changing your mindset too.. I will soon be here again with my next article..!! And you girls out there surely will be like - Ooh! Jst alike me, while reading my stuff..!!  
     Nothing out of the world, be the world and go shine out!! :-D



  1. Waiting for more😘 Pretty girl? Haha☺ All the best!! Lots of love💖

    1. U are Dat preety gal purvi..!! Yeah yeah will stand to ur expectations!! <3

  2. Nice😊 surely ppl will like it😃 all d best...waiting for more😁😘

  3. Sounds intresting....!!!! Waiting for next SB...!!! Wish u all the luck...!!! :) ^_^

  4. Thank you sweeties!! (^_^)


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