Coz its about best friends!

We never wanted any fame,
We just took things as they came.
Our situations were actually same,
But our directions were different just like our name!

When I first met you I thought we would never even be friends.
But I don't remember when we got along so well that we couldn't find any end.
We got along so very well..,
Haters waited to get us away as hell.

Together things we do with such an eaze,
But you should learn remembering stuff please!
Just like the combination of pasta and cheese,
We have been amazing and wished the moment to freeze!

I remember the laughs till our faces turned blue,
We have always been for each other- that's all I knew.

Stuff I had done with you and support you have been through it all,
You know I will not just be there when you fly to the clouds but also at the fall!

What people say is just not your way,
You never rated but recreated as if things were a clay.

Eyes be your best feature and you believe Santa's tonic makes it bigger and bigger,
You make people get addicted to you as a daily glass of licur! :P

No doubt that studying is what you hate,
But through out u believe in your own fate!

I have always heard you saying,
Losers are the ones who run away.
These stuff of yours will make you cross paths in a fun way.

Hidden in our stomach is the stuff we share,
A crazy chick like you is found so very rare!
This is how I speak about the bond of you and me,
People I say you hilariously sweet is she!
Friends are found many but few become a huge part. Their absence makes us feel life incomplete and so are you!
We have become so familiar that I can never re-adjust to back the way things were before we met! Your Ahan's and Thada's or the Peace and sheesh's are like a daily routine. You talk the entire day and are still left with so much stuff to share. :')
Readers, its about best friends, siblings from different parents maybe. Everyone have their own crazy story up.
Let's celebrate each day for friendship too.!

Some more articles are gonna be up ahead with all different titles. Please be waiting.



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