Yes! We are breathing, but Living or Existing??

Just because you are breathing doesn't mean you're alive.! To live life have become such a rare thing, most of the people just exist.  And the so called 'Being Busy' have just become a trend now a days.

But busy doing what?!
Busy making memories with their family?! Naah...
Busy exploring stuff around?  I don't think so.
Busy working hard to bring their imaginations alive?! Not actually.
Busy making a handmade gift then?! No...I think they will just name it as time waste.!
So busy doing crazy silly things which happen to bring a smile?! Hardly anyone does it though.

People are busy being awake at nights and going into dreams in the morning.
Busy sitting at a hookah parlour doing absolutely nothing. But Come on! It's called being COOL.!!
Some are busy spending time with their files and earning money.. I actually can't understand this, does money bring happiness to the soul?! God.
And and and.. There are even people, those "Pyaar, mohabbat wale" some of them are busy shedding tears and being sad for the unworthy. I don't understand why can't they have self pitty?!

This is life for the majority of humans around us. Are you living or existing? Is it really giving you happiness?!
Living life is an art and so you need not always do great things.!
Life is too short. Enjoy the little stuff you do. Stop spending time with the wrong people, with the ones who suck the happiness out of you. If something is supposed to be it will have a room in your life, you need not fight for a spot.

Everyone has so much potential and there are so many things left to do. Don't overlook yourself or else you will be overlooked, no matter what?! Be busy living your OWN life and miracles happen for yourself.
You are INCREDIBLE.. Don't just pass day, but live and prove yourself.

    Going a bit away from the topic of mah blog.. I thought there is a need for this. I hope the readers will enjoy reading it and give a serious thought about the matter. Keep waiting for the next. :'D



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