Love being in Imaginary Land ?

   A place where things are just the way you would love them!
Imagination, dream world and all such words does not always indicate about a prince charming, castles, fairies, a perfect luxurious life and so on, but its also about being a better you and the way you would love yourself more without finding a reason to fake!!

Many a times while speaking about the things we desire,dream of, or something very different... We would have heard people saying -"Bas hai; aisa kuch nahi hone wala hai, Sapno ki duniya se bahar aa jao!!"
    But I believe that nature gives us all that we dream,think and ask for..!  And only when we dream, we desire and then we aspire..!!
I won't say men aren't imaginative, but it's for all those who say-"Yeh ladhkiya toh khwaboo ki duniya mein he rehti hai..!"
   In case all the people on the planet keep thinking practically or move with a thought that some things can't come true...then-Oh God! People would keep inventing only electronics..  :-P

And let me tell you, it's nothing out of the world, such things can exists and so their vibes make us think so..! (haha..! so imaginative people silently or unknowingly contribute to the positivity of the world.. And neva say - zameen pe aa jaa, khwaboo mein mat udho..!)
           No wonder, even Albert Einstein felt tha 'Imagination is better than knowledge.' And when certain things make you happy while dreaming about, there isn't something wrong there..!! <3



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