"15 Undefined Bonds Of Best Friends!"

We have friends but then there is a best friend. Girl bestfriends are the best soulmates! 

1. Need to share every little stuff happening around.
We start feeling undigestable when we miss out saying them something. We begin right from the moment we wake up till we go to bed for sleep. 

2.People think we are a package.
When we are seen in singles and other seems to be missing, people start questioning us endlessly!

3.Mutual love of never ending gossips.
Best friends can speak with facial expressions. Even while the serious lectures are on, we cant stop and even after being seperated by the lecturers we find our way back and continue right from where we left.

4.Clicking the weirdest candids.
Its a way to be as crazy as possible  and more over to see them in the future and go histerical!

5.Experiencing Betray..
When we are unaware of the plans of the other like joining a gym or about a change in their look makes you have the feeling of betray!

6.Sharing of scandalous screenshots.
Its based on a solid foundation of trust and having the similar likes and dislikes.

7. That awkward moment when we dont know the name of one of their family member.
The other takes it as a serious issue coz we move on saying we know everything about them and their history!

8. Anger when the other doesn't answers your texts/calls.
We endlessly keep texting them and when they finally reply we be like "where the hell were you?" our replies go from "HEYA"  to "YES TELL ME".

9. Dreaming to go on a world tour once a lifetime.
We make so many plans to earn money and make it come true. Its seriously needed.

10. Planning to do stuff in each others marriage though you both maybe single as pringle.
And the sure thing is your marriage will be full of boredom without your bestie.

11. Secrets taken to grave.
We share so many secrets which are all filled up in our stomachs and mouths shut. But never die before coz life is impossible without the other.

12.Mad fights.
You will have fights like a routine but that not speaking bussiness won't be longer coz important stuff is pilling up.

13. Irrational Jealousy.
Hey! That shows I care. Okay!? ~_~

14. The blame game.
All  our mistakes are pushed on to other because they be the part of all our things. And if one does something wrong, the other be equally responsible.

15.Unconditional love.
All the love and pinky promises are more important than anything else. Besties be like sisters more. They dont just give you suggestions but also  come to your rescue.

 Lets share with with our best friends too. Untill then stay tuned.
Keep smiling , Keep believing


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