Aaj Kal High Heels Ke Charche Hai!!

"Life is short,your heels shouldn't be!"

Ladies today have become so obsessed with their heels that they now choose their outfut according to their heels and not visversa. Uff!
They are like a major concern in our outlooks.

Sexy heels, platform heels, cone heels, kitten heels, french heels and the list is endless, phew!! But the best part of heels is that they elevate our outfit to a higher level of fashion. 
Heels are just a beauty lift.
Flats make you feel beautiful,but a Stiletto changes your mood and style wild! 
Yes, do wear heels. They give you the power to move, sit and speak differently. Your vocabulary automatically flys high and your body swags to a different kind of tempo. 

Girls who can run in heels are to be feared of. All the beauties are so crazy about heels, that they choose them not just for party visits but some even when they go to supermarkets. Isn't it undigestable? *_* 

They are so used to them that some of mah reviews have also stated that they feel funny in flats. GODD!! I wouldn't name all these anything less than "Heel-O-Holic" Don't you agree?? 

But when people look at our heels and say "OH MY GOD! THEY LOOK SO COMFORTABLE." then thats what everyone hates. Coz they are not made for comforts but meant for going beyond the comfort zone and to enter the fashion zone!! 
Girls can do anything boys can, and we can do it in high heels. They are also a secret to a slimmer shape and your pink high heels guarantee to make any day better. A little discomfort means that your heels fit perfectly, you're however not on pajamas!! HAHAHA....

Our heels can also define our personalities.
~The high heeled ladies,subconsiously want to be above all whereas the Stilettos are self reliant.
~Platforms indicate very tough personalities and coned heels preferred are practical and straightforward ones.
~Wedges point calm personapities who accept compromises but ladies with low heels are strong enough and know what they want. 

   All the arguments and discussions over "High Heels" come to an end with Arjun Kapoor's new look in those "Red Hot High Heels" That seems really epic. 

Fashion keeps changing and so is the trend.
But you stay connected. 
Untill then,
Stay strong, Stay happy
Much love 


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