7 Little Things We Always Feel Happy Off!

 Life is weird and confusing at the same time. You may have a day of clarity and then a week of turmoil.
But then there are certain things Which make us feel good, even in our fast moving lives!

1.Those dances under the hot/cold showers during winter/summer! 
  What can be more relaxing than these?

2.When we look so fit!!
It totally feels like a complete diva who's got in this beauty game.

3. Getting that winged eye liner on point!! 
 Coz only we girls know our daily struggle with eyeliners. One stroke doesn't make the cut, another makes it too thick, removing the bit extra..opps! It's smuged.

4.Cooking something for the first time and its just so yumm!!
Ohh!! Yeah, am a chef.

5. Writing a perfect caption/status on your social media. 
Coz you wanna prove yourself so original and funny!

6. Tapping your feet on your fav songs!! 
Dance is like alcohol, you can't stop once you are on.

7.Standing under that sky full of stars!
Ain't it the most beautiful thingy? And when the wind goes on fast too, its heaven**

So let's celebrate them too!! 
Stay tuned,
Stay blessed,


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