"You Can't Always Expect To Have Ups!"

"When the days are dark play the blind game and when they shine bright like the sunshine, put your shades on and appreciate!"

Life is about all the "ups and downs"
"lefts and rights"
'Twinkles and tears"
"Pros and cons"

What seems happiness today may become a memory tomorrow, though the same memories can make or break you down!

Dreams and hopes may get shattered but  all we need is to keep ourselves "Preserved".
Go try out those things you always wanted to, you just have to keep aside the thing of how many times you fail at it. Because no matter what we all need to move on!

If life keeps being constant then how will your story be the best seller? Its not that we cant fall, but we have to keep getting up, because no matter how strong the strom is in the end it will carry all the dust with it... Everyone even needs to keep doing stuff they can probably get hysterical about because too much serious is too much booring.

WE NEED TO MAKE IT A STORY . A STORY WORTH READING, WORTH BOOSTING ABOUT AND WORTH GETTING INSPIRED BY! Its all temporary in the end but we have to go through it all.
Dont let anyone else be the super hero of your life! Take things as a challenge and more over challenge yourself to be stronger and crumble them all down! We shouldn't always expect to see the bright moon, clouds do cover it at times and thats okay coz it still manages to come out much prettier! Remember You Are The Best!

Lots of love,


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