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She was just 3.

And she was just 3, When she had to hold a crayon and colour the world, She held a scar and witnessed a war!
She was just 5, When she had to cry and hear stories of a fairy fly, She was filled with fear and could just let out a sigh.
She was just 7, When she had to float the paper boat, She just knew well, how her flaws would be taken in note.
She was just 10, When she had to wait for the rainbow after the rain, She exactly knew what a misery it was to be thrown over the lane.
She was just 11, When she had to hate corn and flakes; But rather was taught, unacceptable were mistakes.
She was just 13, When she had to wonder of a pink dress with glittery pink shoe, But she’d learnt the colours of dark and grey, That nobody else knew!
She was just 14, When she had to crack jokes of a father and his pet; She had broken hopes and hid her eyes wet.
She was just 17, When she had to wake up everyday to flatten her dream; Though slept at nights burying under a pillow, the noise of her scream.
She was just 18, When she had…


And there was she, walking in the crowd with eyes which stared the sky above unware of the warmth which the sunset gave behind.

Her childhood hid and her fears gave her a hit. Little did she know the darker sky she praised killed her raise and the bee's she dint wanted to miss were the ones who could make her bliss.

Afraid to touch her own painted landscapes as she believed they've become poison ivy.
She shouted *I hate You* and still stole its drops of rain.

 The faded trials to hear the murmures of calls, made her deaf where the vanity of the world made her feel never to wake.

Growing up in insanity, Studying the flawed promises; she wrote up a charming tale which thou never read.

The ink left was ought to dry and to curve up smiles was fashioned to try.
She Locked the doors but still kept the windows wide to stare the same darker sky till the twinkles started to hide.

She wanted the universe and not the star,
But in the never ending stroms she barely found alive a …

"You Can't Always Expect To Have Ups!"

"When the days are dark play the blind game and when they shine bright like the sunshine, put your shades on and appreciate!"

Life is about all the "ups and downs"
"lefts and rights"
'Twinkles and tears"
"Pros and cons"

What seems happiness today may become a memory tomorrow, though the same memories can make or break you down!

Dreams and hopes may get shattered but  all we need is to keep ourselves "Preserved".
Go try out those things you always wanted to, you just have to keep aside the thing of how many times you fail at it. Because no matter what we all need to move on!

If life keeps being constant then how will your story be the best seller? Its not that we cant fall, but we have to keep getting up, because no matter how strong the strom is in the end it will carry all the dust with it... Everyone even needs to keep doing stuff they can probably get hysterical about because too much serious is too much booring.


7 Little Things We Always Feel Happy Off!

Life is weird and confusing at the same time. You may have a day of clarity and then a week of turmoil.
But then there are certain things Which make us feel good, even in our fast moving lives!

1.Those dances under the hot/cold showers during winter/summer! 
  What can be more relaxing than these?

2.When we look so fit!!
It totally feels like a complete diva who's got in this beauty game.

3. Getting that winged eye liner on point!! 
Coz only we girls know our daily struggle with eyeliners. One stroke doesn't make the cut, another makes it too thick, removing the bit extra..opps! It's smuged.

4.Cooking something for the first time and its just so yumm!!
Ohh!! Yeah, am a chef.

5. Writing a perfect caption/status on your social media. 
Coz you wanna prove yourself so original and funny!

6. Tapping your feet on your fav songs!! 
Dance is like alcohol, you can't stop once you are on.

7.Standing under that sky full of stars!
Ain't it the most beautiful thingy? And when the win…

"15 Undefined Bonds Of Best Friends!"

We have friends but then there is a best friend. Girl bestfriends are the best soulmates! 

1. Need to share every little stuff happening around.
We start feeling undigestable when we miss out saying them something. We begin right from the moment we wake up till we go to bed for sleep. 

2.People think we are a package.
When we are seen in singles and other seems to be missing, people start questioning us endlessly!

3.Mutual love of never ending gossips.
Best friends can speak with facial expressions. Even while the serious lectures are on, we cant stop and even after being seperated by the lecturers we find our way back and continue right from where we left.

4.Clicking the weirdest candids.
Its a way to be as crazy as possible  and more over to see them in the future and go histerical!

5.Experiencing Betray..
When we are unaware of the plans of the other like joining a gym or about a change in their look makes you have the feeling of betray!

6.Sharing of scandalous screenshots.
Its based o…

Aaj Kal High Heels Ke Charche Hai!!

"Life is short,your heels shouldn't be!"

Ladies today have become so obsessed with their heels that they now choose their outfut according to their heels and not visversa. Uff! They are like a major concern in our outlooks.
Sexy heels, platform heels, cone heels, kitten heels, french heels and the list is endless, phew!! But the best part of heels is that they elevate our outfit to a higher level of fashion.  Heels are just a beauty lift. Flats make you feel beautiful,but a Stiletto changes your mood and style wild!  Yes, do wear heels. They give you the power to move, sit and speak differently. Your vocabulary automatically flys high and your body swags to a different kind of tempo. 
Girls who can run in heels are to be feared of. All the beauties are so crazy about heels, that they choose them not just for party visits but some even when they go to supermarkets. Isn't it undigestable? *_* 
They are so used to them that some of mah reviews have also stated that they feel fu…

Coz its about best friends!

We never wanted any fame,
We just took things as they came.
Our situations were actually same,
But our directions were different just like our name!

When I first met you I thought we would never even be friends.
But I don't remember when we got along so well that we couldn't find any end.
We got along so very well..,
Haters waited to get us away as hell.

Together things we do with such an eaze,
But you should learn remembering stuff please!
Just like the combination of pasta and cheese,
We have been amazing and wished the moment to freeze!

I remember the laughs till our faces turned blue,
We have always been for each other- that's all I knew.

Stuff I had done with you and support you have been through it all,
You know I will not just be there when you fly to the clouds but also at the fall!

What people say is just not your way,
You never rated but recreated as if things were a clay.

Eyes be your best feature and you believe Santa's tonic makes it bigger and bigger,